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About Article Rewriter

How to use our article rewriter and rank in SERP?

Rewriting articles has never been more popular. It is a common desire to use it for SEO work, rephrasing articles and blogs, assignments, reports, and other written content.

Article rewriting is a hot job today, as writing-ups can be time-consuming. Rewriting can make it much easier to complete the task. It can be a time-saver not to have to create everything from scratch. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will replace the original content. We only need to add a few phrases to the article. You will need some help when rewriting articles. 


How to optimize the Article rewriter's results to rank high in search engines?


1. Step 1: Do not copy the entire article from one article. Copy only the most essential lines from the ranking pages.

2. Step 2: Rewrite the article with our tool. Copy the article, and then paste it into Grammarly. Make the necessary corrections. Ensure that you achieve a 100% success rate

3. Step 3: Once the article is complete, copy it to your WordPress. Add the features image and other images. Fix the titles H1, H2, and H3, as well as other images.

Step 4: Publish


Does this tool help an article to rank in Search Engines?

There is no shortcut to success. These tools are not humans. It is almost impossible to rank in SERP without human effort. Here is a list that you can follow to rank high in SERP.

Tips for Rewriting Articles

Don't rely on online text-rewriters. Instead, make your content unique and original with these tips. These are some tips to help you when you're rewriting the text by yourself.

Copy only the ideas from the original content (not the entire article).

It is essential to recognize the original ideas and thoughts of the author. When rewriting, make sure you only copy the ideas and not the exact words. Copying the actual content is not the goal.

Rewriting an article is a good idea. It would be best only to understand the concepts and then write the words using your phrases. Do a comprehensive study of the content before you begin.

Create an Introduction to Your Own

A good introduction paragraph can grab the readers' attention or lose them. It is crucial to present the most pertinent ideas at the start. Also, make sure your writing is engaging and catchy to keep readers reading until the end. It will also give the article a fresh look.


Complete Paragraphs Rewritten

The new piece of content should be written entirely by you. That means that you can read the entire original content material in great chunks to avoid having to rely on other people's prose and phrase choices. We recommend that you not concentrate too much on one section to avoid copying the original author's words.


Add appropriate headings & subheadings.

Your article's layout can be improved by using headings and subheadings. Properly placed headings or subheadings can mask the paraphrasing in an article. These make it easier and more enjoyable to read an article. A subheading is a way to draw attention to a particular phase and tell readers about the paragraph.

Rearrange the Original Content

You don't have to follow the exact order of the original text. Rearranging or editing out parts of the text will make it look better.

Sometimes, a unique article can be made by completely rewriting or paraphrasing the words. You always have the option to reorganize the entire article.

Add your ideas

You don't have to revise the entire article if you are updating it. If you have new and fresh ideas, use them. Then let the readers hear your voice. Although you are "rewriting" an article, it is only a reference.

Ensure to use our PLAGIARISM CHECKER and ensure the article is 100% unique. 


Writing is not easy. Everyone cant pay $50 for an article to post in their website. You don't need to be true to the original write-up. Adding new ideas and unique thoughts will make the text more authentic. Remember that you are changing articles to reflect your thoughts and not the content. This guide will help you modify articles. You can quickly create rewritten articles by using the article rewriters and the tips above.

You can add different styles to your write-ups. Rewrite high-quality articles and finish them by proofreading and editing.